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Apple bakers bake an apple in the microwave in 3 1/2 to 4 minutes.  They are available in white with blue, red or yellow sponged design, shades of green or earth tones.  $12.50 each. plus S&H 

Salters are 16th Century French in design.  They are a unique gift for that person that has everything.  They are available in earth tones, blues and greens. $10.00 each plus S&H.

Egg Cookers prepare a souffle-type egg in 1-2 minutes in the microwave.  You can add onions, peppers and meat to make a mimi omlette. You can also make a poached egg in 30 seconds!  (Recipes included) Price $24.50 plus S&H.

An assortment of porcelain pottery with green leaf design.  Shown is a garlic keeper $15.00, creamer $6.50, sugar bowl w/lid $7.50 and sugar cube bowl, no lid $5.50.  All plus S&H

Pitcher with grape design, approx 2 qt. $32.50 plus S&H SOLD

Our mugs are available in many shapes & colors. We specialize in Celtic designs and also have mugs available with early American designs and designs indicative of the Fur Trade Era.  Hand painted mugs range in price from $16.50-$25.00, plus S&H.

This design features a bittersweet design.

Plain mug with blue/green glaze.  Glazed mugs range in price from $12.50 (coffee size)to $18.50 (beer stein size), plus S&H.

Plain straight-sided mug brown/blue glaze

Large serving bowls are available in several designs including "Blueberry" as shown and solid colors.  They range in price from $18.50 to $36.30 plus S&H.

Smaller bowls make great cereal bowls or desert bowls.  They range in price from $8.50-$15.00 plus S&H.

This is an example of a splatter design bowl.

PAUL'S PIGS WITH PERSONALITY are a great way to save.  I keep one on my kitchen counter and all my loose change goes into it.  They are a great gift to start children/grandchildren saving.

Large decorated piggy banks are $32.00-$36.00 plus S&H.

Front on view of above pig.  The stopper in the nose can be used to access the bank.

Smaller pigs range in price from $18.50-$24.50 plus S&H.

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